Black Grecian threader earrings made with sterling silver and black enamel.
Super light weight black Grecian threader earrings.
Black Grecian silver threader earrings available in a range of colors.

Black Grecian Threader Earrings | Kamari Beach

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Adjust the black Grecian threader earrings by pulling the chain links through your ear!

Yes, the chain will go through your ear!  If feels kinda weird but it looks amazing.

Do you have more than one ear piercing?  Thread the chain through those piercings as well!

Style these earrings as you like and get tons of different styles from one pair of threaders.

Toss your hair in a bun to really show them off.

Earrings are made of sterling silver and enamel.

Named after the crystal blue waters found in Milos, Greece, Provatas Beach. 

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